Welcome to… THE ROPE SWING

The Rope Swing at Green Mountain College is a new and exciting blog dedicated to the personal stories and lives of our very own Green Mountain College Students! Think of it as diary or journal where you can follow the lives of eleven GMC students over the course of their journey at Green Mountain. It’s real and its personal- you might cry, I will guarantee you will laugh, and you might even decide to visit campus after you get to know each of our Rope Swing Bloggers. The Rope Swing…. simply a rope tied to a sturdy branch over a body of water. But to the Green Mountain College community, it is much more than that. The Rope Swing dances over the Poultney River and separates New York from Vermont. It is a communal meeting place that bears the burden of being in two places at once. It has heard the laughter and tears for over 177 years of the Green Mountain Community. It has seen war and it has seen peace. The Rope Swing over the river cannot be owned nor can it be claimed. It sways back and forth at free will waiting for the human sole to engage in laughter or excitement as it holds the weight of a secret or maybe a first kiss.
We invite any and all to join us in our journey as we breathe in the fresh Green Mountain air and blog about our GMC story.



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