GMC FALL SPORTS by Forrest Teutsch

Both the Green Mountain College Cross Country men’s and women’s teams’ seasons comes to a close in a silver-lined fashion. The women’s team capped off a strong season placing 6th out of 10 teams in the North Atlantic Conference Championship meet. This meet held at Lyndon State College incorporated all of the toughest conditions of cross country running including a very hilly terrain, cold weather conditions, and the trail glazed with snow. Nevertheless, the women’s team tackled this challenge head on with no regard as to what the beginning of the year coach’s poll had to say. The poll indicated that the Eagle’s team was projected a 7th place finish in the conference, but under the never-say-die mentality of rookie Peyton Jones and senior captain Bridget Combes the team rallied to a strong 6th place finish. This was an extraordinary season for the women’s team, and while it is one they do not want to soon forget they still must part with seniors Bridget Combes, Tori Knoss, and Elissa Fiore; top contributors to the team. Still, this women’s team has a bright future returning rookie sensation Peyton Jones, Co-captain Whitney Rose, sophomore Libby Davis, juniors Abby Silin and Taylor Conley, and the rest of a happy-go-lucky crew.

Coincidently enough,  the men’s team was also projected as the 7th team in the conference pre-season, but this team showed its grit and determination en route to a 6th place finish just being edged out by University of Maine at Farmington for 5th. Co-captains Jonathan O’Neill and Christopher Donovan demonstrated extraordinary leadership and work ethic as they invigorated the team through their own stellar performances. Jonathan O’Neill will be dearly missed as the only senior to depart from the men’s team following this year. He brought with him a sparkling personality to practice and was a true friend of everyone’s. Next year the team has much to look forward to with the rest of the cast returning and a hopeful recruiting off-season.


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