Sociology/Anthropology… By: Kat Kehrt

Mark Dailey is a very accomplished and well-respected teacher at Green Mountain College. He is one of the Sociology/Anthropology professors and has taught a wide-range of courses throughout the years. If you take a class with him, you might find yourself exploring the different cultures around the world, studying the human’s relationship to the environment around them or discovering what globalization is. When Mark teaches classes, he captivates the students from the very beginning. He is so intelligent and when he teaches his classes, his knowledge is easily seen. He is so enthusiastic about life and cares immensely about the students that take his classes. The courses that he teaches are geared towards Anthropology/Sociology majors but anyone can take them and he makes sure that they are fully caught up in Anthro lingo and facts. Mark Dailey is one of the reasons I love my major, Anthropology/Sociology, and cannot wait to go out and get a career. He is a regular face on campus, whether you see him walking to his classes or just laying out on the lawns, playing with his multiple goats. Yes, goats.


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