Amnesty International Conference


This past weekend I went to Boston to attend an Amnesty International Conference with the Amnesty International Club from GMC.  I attended two workshops during the conference. One was about bringing human rights concerns to congress, and the other was about ending recruitment of underage combatants in Central Africa.

There were two featured speakers at the conference; Fatima Burnad from India, and Sowore Omoyele from Nigeria. “Fatima Burnad is a national leader in the social movement seeking greater economic opportunity and political influence for largely landless and poor people and has been especially active in helping Dalit women. She documents human rights abuses: from police brutality to the assassination of Dalit women leaders. Her work puts her at great personal risk because she is frequently working in direct opposition to police and other authorities.” She is truly standing up to injustice.

“Sowore Omoyele is one of Nigeria’s more powerful, active, and accomplished voices for social justice, human rights, and a clean environment.”

If you are interested in educating yourself go to the Amnesty International website!

If you are interested in learning more about child soldiers go to

Are you interested in writing for your rights? Check out




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