Community Conversation

Last night a Community Conversation was held.  Every so often Green Mountain will hold gatherings like this to connect with students and faculty, as well as hold Cross Community Conversations at least once a year where students and faculty can get together with Poultney residents in order to discuss current issues and ways to connect the greater community.  The Community Conversation last night was specifically about the Strategic Plan, a plan that the college puts together every five years to determine where we want to go during that time and how we are going to get it.  The event was organized by a Strategic Planning Committee which has already been working hard on this five year plan.  Last night was specifically designed to open the discussion up for students to put their ideas in.  The different topics discussed in small, personal groups included strengthening residential undergraduate programs, strengthening the college’s financial position, strengthening a culture of success, enhancing facilities and town partnership, building enrollment, and diversifying the delivery of educational programs. 

So many of the students at Green Mountain really care about the college and want to have a say in what happens to it even after they leave.  This conservation was a great opportunity to meet with important figures in the school such as President Fonteyn, the Provost, heads of Residence Life, professors, the Vice President of Finances, and many other students who are just as passionate about this college. 

Through being involved on campus and participating in events like these, I feel that I can really have in impact on the growth of Green Mountain.  This type of gathering and conversation, I feel has given me a very unique college experience.  Above many of the theories and ideas that I have learned throughout the past three years here, I have learned to communicate and collaborate with others in order to actually make a difference.  I am excited to hear about the initiatives that will result from this Strategic Plan. 

~ Leanne


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