Choosing Classes by Alexandra Hilliard

*Note, this is a little late. I actually wrote it on 11/8/11 and am just now posting!


Today I chose my classes. next spring I will be taking Philosophy, physics, mathematics, and biology courses. I will be overloading, taking 21 credits. I am really excited, it feels like my goal of attaining a second major is possible! I broke down the remainder of my courses by semester and it seems like I will have to take many courses each semester. Let me be honest, I am not thrilled about having to take many tough courses each semester. It would be nice to have an easy senior year of college, which would be the case if I had not chosen to study philosophy. However, I am confident that I will be able to apply my philosophical studies to any job or event in my life which requires the application of logic, reason, or rationality. However, despite my excitement at the prospect of attaining my academic goals, I wonder how my extracurricular activities will be affected.

I pride myself on being extremely involved in school. I am a student senator, social networker, undergraduate Research Assistant, soccer player, lacrosse player, and musician. Each of these activities requires a significant amount of my time. Unfortunately, my music lessons will be the first to go. I do not have enough room in my schedule. However, I can always take lessons outside of classes. I don’t think that senate, networking or research will pose significant issues. However, varsity sports are extremely time consuming. between approximately 2 hours of practice each day and weekly traveling games as well as multi-hour preparation involved in home games, you need to be sure you have time to commit. It is important to stick to your word and fulfill all of your commitments. The nice thing about sports is that its not burdening. The daily exercise keeps me feeling healthy both physically and mentally. It’s easier for me to balance my commitments when all of my time is accounted for.

I think some people come to college thinking they will just take classes, and they do, and they party. They don’t do things for their communities. I think its really important to stay busy and be involved. It keeps me away from the party scene on campus which includes recreation drugs, alcohol binging, unwanted sexual experiences, and overall harm to the self. It’s not that I am saying to not have “fun”
, because you should! I go out for drinks on the weekend when I don’t have to work early the next morning, and I sometimes a beer during the week if I don’t have any homework. I spent a good amount of time “having fun” but now I realize that it is much more fun to have people think you are reliable, responsible and committed to your goals, than to have people think you’re a party animal. Let me mention the other side too. I think it’s reckless to stay in your dorm room, studying all the time. You’ll be bored, lonely and sad. Sure you’ll have good grades, but your college experience will be lacking.

I realize I’ve gone off on a tangent, or at least that’s how it may seem. I only mean to illustrate the important of having a well balanced college experience. Take rigorous courses, get involved in meaningful activities, and have fun with your friends! I just sat down with some freshman biology majors for one of my classes and I said the same thing. You have to make yourself happy and the aforementioned recipe should do the trick!


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