Sexpo by Taylor Conley

This weekend PANTS put on their annual Sexpo show where clubs and majors are encouraged to set up tables relating to the subject of sex. Some examples included: Herbal Tribe made aphrodisiac brownies, forestry club explained pollination and reproduction of trees, psychology club showed the science of sex appeal in addition to displaying a poster on dream analysis and an explanation for foot fetishes, and PANTS had an anonymous box where individuals could write secrets that were then posted on the wall. 

There were also workshops set up throughout the day for students to attend. Some included: The History of the Vibrator, Condom Olympis, This Body is Not Just for Porn and Art: Redefining Naked, and Hoop Dance Workshop. 

The night culminated with keynote speaker Morganne Ray from Outright Vermont talking about sex, boundaries, consent, self-expression, and celebration in one’s own personal style and sexuality. Tickets were then drawn for the various prizes student could put their tickets, which they received at the door,  towards. There were over 30 prizes. Afterwards, there was a dance party.


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