3 v 3 Tourny …By Forrest Teutsch

Green Mountain recently hosted the first 3 v 3 basketball tournament held to raise money for Hoops for Hunger. Students paid $5 each or $15 per team to enter the tournament for a good cause and to enjoy themselves, while also displaying their skills or lack there of. In order to maintain fairness, the men’s basketball team was barred from this tournament but they showed up to watch the talent the rest of the student body held. The tourny was set up as a double elimination allowing the spectators to enjoy watching some of their fan-favorites who did not display a tremendous amount of skill but provided a whole lot of entertainment; (Charlie Petrick). The tourny ended with 3 boys from the men’s soccer team taking the title and winning free shirts representing the cause they supported on it. In good faith the school hopes to make this an annual event and continue supporting a great cause while playing some ball.


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