Abroad Trips that GMC offers-By Kat Kehrt

Recently I got accepted into a Anthropology/Sociology class trip to Nepal. Having been to Nepal in 2007, I am beyond excited to go back and be re-immersed into the culture. But for people who have not been outside of the country or want another chance to get out of the US, Green Mountain offers a variety of courses that venture off campus to other states and countries. Recent trips have traveled to Brazil to study Sustainable Development and Water Policy. Another course took students to Colorado and Utah to get trained in Outdoor Leadership. In 2005, Prof. Mark Dailey took a group of students to eastern China to study the “Culture Change in Contemporary China”.

With all of courses comes the opportunity to study outside the classroom, in the real world. When a course is offered like the Nepal one and all the other ones, students are encouraged to apply through a writed application. Once accepted, they clear everything with financial aid, because the majority of these courses come with a course fee. Once you are cleared with financial aid, the professor leading the course generally starts weekly meetings with all the students in the class. Weekly meetings are done and research projects are started to be thought about. The majority of the classes taught abroad come with a required research project.

Having the opportunity to study abroad, even for a short amount of time is beneficial. I took a year off in 2007-2008 and traveled to Nepal and then Ghana. From that time I spent in Asia and Africa, I learned so much and got exposed to so many new things in the world. I highly reccommend jumping at the chance to study in a different state or country. You’ll be surprised of how much you learn and what you walk away with.

For more information about GMC’s recent trips, visit: http://www.greenmtn.edu/academics/travel/trips.aspx


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