GMC community has no boundaries

By Leanne

About two weeks ago I was having a conversation with President Paul Fonteyn, during the community conversation.  We talked a bit about the program I was in, Environmental Studies with a concentration in policy, and I was telling him about an internship that I had completed over the summer as a requirement for the major.  When I was telling him the type of policy work I was doing, he recalled an alumna who graduated from GMC a few years ago and pursued a similar career to the one I am preparing for.  As he described the list of experiences she had since her graduation, he mentioned that she is currently living and working in Washington D.C.  As the subject changed to D.C. for a minute, I remembered that D.C. was part of my travel plans for Thanksgiving break.  Paul immediately insisted that we get into contact with the alumna and work out a meeting for the two of us to discuss her career path and experiences.  The next day Paul’s secretary had contacted the alumna who was happy to plan a meeting with me.  That next Monday, merely five days after the initial conversation, I was meeting with Jami in a cafe in downtown Washington.  For about an hour we discussed what she had been doing in the years since she graduated from Green Mountain and about my career plans after graduation in May.  

This was a great experience for me.  I was able to learn first-hand about the experiences that are possible after graduation.  I gained so many networking contacts, as GMC alumni seem to be more than willing to help out current students.  Speaking from someone who is about to graduate and enter the real-world, networking and having contacts in your field is absolutely priceless.   

I think that there are probably few places where you can receive such personal networking help from the president and meet alumni who are more than happy to help soon-to-be- graduates from Green Mountain.  I have written about the sense of community which I have experienced on campus and in Poultney and now I know that it does not end when you graduate.  The Green Mountain community is something that grows and follows you wherever you may go!


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