My first Thanksgiving Break in US by Jess J

I had my first and a wonderful Thanksgiving  Break last week. Krista invited me to go her house during Thanksgiving Break. I helped cook the Thanksgiving meal, we had turkey, potato, pumpkin soup, suffing, pie.

We also went to New York City, and this is my first time to go there. We watched the Macy’s Parade and I went to Chinatown. Chinatown was awesome, because I am from China.  I loved spending time with my other friends that were at Krista’s house, and spending time with her family. On Saturday I went to NYC by myself and I met up with my friend from China in Chinatown! We promised each other that we would only speak in Chinese for the entire day. It was so nice to see her, because I haven’t seen her in 6 months.

And I cooked chinese rice for everybody and they all loved it. Krista is still talking about how delicious it was. And her mom asked me the recipe.

On Sunday (11-27-11) It was mine and Krista’s 19th birthday!!!!  We had birthday cake together.  And it was very fun.

My first thanksgiving in America was awesome and I will never forget it.


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