The Beauty of Being An Individual…By Haley Tripoli



Hundreds of exceptional students, lively thinkers, and selfless achievers call Green Mountain College home, but I wanted to take the time to acknowledge a particular special ingredient that has come all the way from Kenya to join the quaint Poultney, Vermont masterpiece.

Before meeting Lian Kariuki, I had not ever imagined meeting such a talented, passionate, compassionate, loyal, and intelligent ‘go-getter’ of a person. Lian, who says she loved growing up in Kenya, takes no prisoners with her dreams and aspirations to one-day work with the United Nations; where she hopes to improve the living situations of those in lesser-developed countries, creating policies that help the global community. A young woman so free with life and laughter, of which you can hear dozens of yards away, persists to entertain friends and peers with ambitious ideas; all the while, she keeps a positive attitude, even when so much of her time is spent advocating against depressing events, such as hunger, poverty, and war. Lian serves as a co-head delegate for the 2012 Model United Nations team and is also a member of the International Awareness Club, Diversity Committee, and participates in various other extracurricular roles. She is a leader, non-the less, charismatic and optimistic about her future, and the future of the world.

When I asked Lian what she believed to be the most pressing problem of our generation, she answered gracefully, “The mind set of the individual. We compare ourselves to others constantly instead of loving ourselves. I want to inform others about the beauty of being open minded and positive.” Pulling her inspirations from past experiences and goals that she has set for herself, Lian loves meeting new people and visiting new places, but cannot wait to be able to use her skills and experiences towards positive campus activities. As a close friend, and fellow GMC student, I say she is already well on her way to making a lasting impression. 



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