When Your Classes Are Difficult

My biggest dream is to become a doctor, preferably a neurologist or possibly a psychiatrist. Coming into college, the most practical field of study for such a goal seemed to be biology. Now that I am a junior, I am hitting, have hit, and will continue to hit major roadblocks. Such roadblocks are difficult classes. Upper level biology, physics, chemstry, and calculus are all required for medical school and none of them are inherently easy for me. Currently, physics I, genetics, and microbiology are giving me a run for my money. It’s really hard to get yourseld excited for classes that confuse you, or at least that’s how I feel… At the beginning of this semester, I was totally pumped up and ready for tough classes. now the semester is almost over and I am not feeling confident in my performance. How do you pull yourself out of an acadmedic rut? I have noticed that when I begin to lose enthusiam for a class, I don’t feel excited about it and don’t read as much. I sort of give up. My question for you readers, is what advice would give to students who have begun to lose motivation in school when classes are hard? How can they turn things around?


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