Annual GMC Community Craft and Bake Sale! By Krista Shugart

Today was the second annual GMC Community Craft and Bake Sale. It was located in Withey Lobby from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. It was a place where students, staff, and faculty could sell their handmade items to the GMC community. This was a great way to support the community and buy locally made items while getting some holiday shopping done!

Baylee and Michael were selling food from the campus farm. There were carrots, salsa, spinach, salad mix, and kale for sale. They were almost sold out by the time I went to their table.  “There was a high demand for delicious, local,  own vegetables” said Baylee.

Pauline and Greg were selling Vermont Maple Syrup.

Amanda, Jonah, and Sam were selling feather earrings, note pads made of cardboard that tea bags come in, and notebooks with magazine covers. They had many items made from recycled material!

Garecht was selling his handmade ceramics. He said that today was his best sale day to date. He will be having a ceramics show on campus  in the Feick on Friday the 13th in April from 7-9. Everyone should come and support his amazing art!

Lian (my wonderful roommate) was selling bags from Kenya that were made by girls living in the slums. By buying the bags you are helping support them as they work to support themselves.  She also was selling African earrings made by the Mesai tribe. She sold everything! “I feel very supported” she said.

My friends Bianca and Bruna were selling baked goods to help fundraise their NMUN (National Model United Nations) trip to NYC and Boston.

There were other GMC staff members who were selling jewlery and art.

It was wonderful to see the students and staff of Green Mountain College support each other. The second annual community craft and bake sale was definitely a success! Thank you Shelby for organizing it! 



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