“Do it in the Dark” By Johnny Cabrera

“Do it in the dark” has been a school-wide challenge (December 5th 12 a.m. to December 6th 11:59 p.m.) that focuses on energy conservation. Students are being asked to participate by shutting off all their lights and unplugging all unnecessary items from their outlets. Green Mountain College will match every dollar saved, and combine it to donate it to a charity. The hall with the most energy savings will have the privilege to donate the money to a charity in need. 

Participating in this challenge has truly been a challenge. Since I live on the second floor of Bogue, it has become somewhat of an issue to climb the stairs in total darkness. But it’s all in the experience. Hopefully the Bogue hall will win since literally every hall and restroom is dark. 


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  1. great sharing about johnny cabrera/// thank.sss


  2. knight says:

    its really awesome to visit here.i am absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts like this


  3. Interesting challenge – great idea – possible safety concerns though.


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