Yule Ball by Krista Shugart


The East Room was filled on Saturday night for the second annual Yule Ball hosted by the GMC Quidditch team. While last year the Yule Ball was only open to GMC students this year it was expanded. Members of the Middlebury and University of Vermont quidditch teams joined Green Mountain College students at the dance. This was a great way for all three schools to come together and have fun! There was great dance music being played by Daniel Kimatarle.

Middlebury is the best and first quidditch team; they made the rulebook that is used universally in every high school and college quidditch team. It was really exciting that they attended the GMC Yule Ball!

“It took a lot of time to plan, organize, and publicize for the event; it was a huge success!” said Karina Lorenc.

“The DJ (Daniel Kimatarle) was good, dressing up was good.” said Toshitaka Zwuju. Toshitaka is an exchange student from Japan.

The Yule Ball was a great success and thank you to the quidditch team members that put so much effort into making it so much fun for all the students!


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