Pushed Out of the Nest… By: Forrest Teutsch

Baptism by flames; this game was the equivolent to the young eagles being pushed from their nest and being forced into learning to fly. The GMC Eagles hosted a very formidable Eastern Connecticut team, 4-1 to start the season, and boast a highly defensive game; allowing only an average of 60.4 points per game. Eastern Connecticut is a big dog in the Division III world, but as the Eagle’s coach states, “you won’t improve by facing mediocre teams…testing your players against the best out there will make them better.” We hope that this is true after witnessing a not so close game last night. The Eagles were handed a staunch 48-88 loss after a well-fought game. Loose balls were contested and good playes were made on both sides, but in the end it seemed that Eastern Connecticut just outperformed and had more experience. Still, this Green mountain team is very young and has much time to grow by playing the best teams out there. This year is a learning curve against these non-conference goliaths.


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