Snow!-Kat Kehrt

I was in the library around 8pm last night trying to focus on writing a final paper for my History class. My mind was not focusing on the task at hand and my head swiveled to the left and my gazed went out the window. There, right outside of my window, snow was falling lightly and sticking to the ground! Green Mountain College has seen snow once or twice before throughout the semester, but it either didn’t stick or melted the next morning. This was beautiful snow, light and fluffy. The perfect snow 🙂 Snow in Vermont is an essential part of winter, but it’s always experiencing the first real snow fall of winter. Green Mountain College turns magical when coated in snow. The trees glisten in the sunlight and all the buildings with their red brick sides sit comfortably in the snow. It is so beautiful that even after four years of being here, I am still speechless. Winter is a special season in Vermont. Not only does it beautify everything but it allows the winter sport gurus to go out and have their fun. Growing up as a skier, I knew going to school somewhere where it snowed was one of my top priorities in searching for schools. Killington, Pico and Okemo are only a few of the mountains near GMC that students swarm to from October to April. The Student Life GreenMAP office rents Cross-Country skis and snow-shoes at a very reasonable price and there are always students willing to go explore the trails behind GMC.

Winter at Green Mountain College is beautiful and fun. The campus becomes gorgeous and mountains open up to skiers. It’s definitely my favorite time throughout the school year 🙂


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