That time of year… -Kat Kehrt

It’s that time of year! Stop playing video games and crack open that $100 textbook that you bought in the bookstore in August and never got a chance to get around to read it. Exam time! I used to look at final time as the most stressful time of my semester but this semester is different. I took some of the most interesting classes of my college career this semester. Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings I found myself walking into my Poverty and Inequality in America class and soaking up everything that Rommy Fuller taught us. We covered homelessness in America to children in poverty. We watched movies, had indepth discussions and debates and even took a field trip down to Boston and volunteered in the Boston Rescue Mission! On Thursday afternoons, I had Sailing (until it got too cold for even a Vermonter to go out in a boat) which was a wonderful class. I still can’t believe that I got credit to go and sail. On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons I had Analog Photography, where I learned how to develop my own film and print pictures. I have never took a class so rewarding as that one because I was able to really see my progress throughout the semester. World History and the Environment was on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and was a nice historical review. My last class was one of my favorite classes in my college career. It was an independent study that I took along with 3 friends, looking at World War Two in the Pacific. We read multiple books that covered firsthand accounts from journalists to generals to pilots. Since it was an independent study, we were incharge of designing the class.

Looking back through my semester, I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t happy with the classes I was taking. Green Mountain offers some very interesting classes and what you need to keep in mind is that you are here to learn and learn interesting things. If a class is not being offered, design an Independent Study! Find a few friends and a faculty member willing to join you and sit down and design it!

Sitting here, using this blog as a procrastination method on my final paper on the IS:Pacific War, I realize that I have learned so much in this semester because I loved the classes I took and this 10 page paper that I have known about for 15 weeks isn’t actually all that bad.


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