Are not we here to be challenged??

Another challenging semester came to an end. I love it when my professors challenge their students. That is why we are studying at GMC. There were between 15 to 30 students in each of my classes and every single student got the chance to participate in the group works and discussions. They got the chance to be challenged academically too. I spent most of my time in the library researching, writing 15 page essays, and preparing presentations for my business classes. I took 18 credits upper level classes. It was a mistake. Do not make this mistake, otherwise you will spend most of your time in the library. I will write about some of my classes in here. 

Diversity is an important part of GMC: Afghan and Tanzanian brothers. The place that I spent my time this semester is the building behind us, library.

More importantly, I wrote and developed my non-profit business plan in my New Venture Creation and Entrepreneurship class. The name of my non-profit will be “Peace Through Education”. What do you think about the name? With this non-profit we will raise funds in US and build libraries at high schools in Bamyan, Afghanistan. My goal is to replace the guns and bullets with books, computers and pens. One of my favorite professors Jacob Park teaches this class. Read about him in here:

In my International Negotiation class, I learned how to negotiate professionally with different people in different situations. There are three ways to negotiate; competitive, collaborative and compromising and we practiced three of them in the class. One of the books that we read was “What Every Body is Saying” by Joe Navarro. This book taught us about the body language in negotiations. I can read your mind by your body language! Watch out!! Our classmates divided into groups and researched and developed a website about their favorite countries. Check out our interesting website:

Kim Blank and I developed Doing Business in India. My other favorite professor Sam Edwards teaches the International Negotiations. Read about him in here:

The Silk Roads was my other favorite class this semester. It was interesting to learn that Indian, Chinese, Arab and European merchants traveled and walked thousands of miles for months through hot and dry deserts of Central Asia with their caravans to sell their silks, goods, medicines and spices. It made me to ask this question, are not we lucky to live in 21st century? Innovations and development in technology made the life easy for us.  My other favorite professor; Mary Jane Maxwell teaches this class. Read her profile here: 

There are a diverse group of incredible and supportive professors at GMC and I love them because they are always there for us and want nothing but our success in life.

At the end, it was a challenging, fun and fruitful semester. I miss my friends and looking forward to see them at the end of the break. I can not wait to start my last semester of junior year. Happy Holiday my friends.


Asadullah Sohail


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