Guest Blog: A Semester In Italy – Ernest Klepeis

It was a tough decision for me.  I have a pretty great set up here at GMC.  My name is Ernest and I am currently Student Body President.  I’ve been at GMC now for two and a half years.  I first heard about the trip that my school is funding to Italy, as they do every two years, from a Professor, Steven Fesmire.  He is one of my philosophy professors and the man leading the trip to Brunnenburg Castle.  At first, I knew I had other commitments to attend to, I couldn’t possibly give up a semester for Italy. 

Then, I had a conversation with one Gerry Fitzgerald, Executive Assistant to the Vice-President of academic affairs William Throop.  She spoke of her experiences and choices in life, priorities and duties.  She eventually, without her realizing, allowed me to take a chance.  This chance proved to be Italy. 

Guess What!  I get to stay in a castle, on a vineyard, in Italy, studying philosophy.  COME ON.  Could you really ask for anything more?  Yes: I’m going with some of my best friends Melina, Harrison, Lisa, Sarah, and more.  I’ll be learning all about Italian food, culture, art, and philosophies.  It truly is a dream.   

It WAS a choice though.  I have to give up a couple very important things to me in the states.  The biggest thing is being Student Body President.   I am staying on until February, but then have to relinquish control.  There was a choice that had to be made, and I made it.  I’ve given a lot of the college, and it’s given me even more.  Going to Italy is an advancement in who I want to be as a person. 

Plus, I’m staying in a castle, on a vineyard.  Thank you, Green Mountain.

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