Growing, trial, and error…by Haley Tripoli

Beginning note: Before I left for winter break, I celebrated one of the best birthdays ever had with some amazing GMC people. They went out of their way to wake me up from my deep slumber and escort me over to a fun dorm dance party gathering…and a delicious squash cake that was to die for the night before!

With the ending of my first semester freshman year comes an incredible assertion of wisdom and insight. I have learned that instead of throwing myself into so many passions, it is better to intelligently and steadily pick my your activities wisely; That if you arent able to give an activity ninety-nine percent of your vigor, you are not doing it justice. I have learned that although academics come first, so do, equally the people who touch your life along the way; and, so do, equally the impressions left on said peoples. They will be the pillows to rest your head these next four years, confidants as you cross your mountains, and, hopefully, as you reach your destinations. I have learned that although promises to call your mother every week were made, it may not work out that way. BUT, that it is very important to make time to call her.

Honesty. I have learned that it is irreconcilably important to remain honest WITH your self and TO yourself throughout the whole process of the transition in to college life. Your passions WILL change, but, all in all, your character will remain the same…the overall picture of what you wanted will stay illuminated with the same dreams you had at the begining of the academic school year. One of my favorite ideals…an ideal that I have been working into my life for some time, “never trade what you want in the moment for what you really want”. Partying is fun…living it up and experiencing different things is an experience that comes with going away to college, but we must never let it interfere with our intentions. Here we are, at the starting line of greatness, and we must hold ourselves to that accord. I have learned the importance of doing your laundry at least once a week, keeping your meal card where it is findable, and that you will not get along with everybody. Sometimes people will dislike you just because you are you. I have met some great professors that take the time to care and learned that it is important to find a roommate that is as goofy and inappropriate as you are…but still has an uncanny ability to balance you out.

I have also learned that education does not only happen in the classroom, it happens all around us. In the dinning hall, under the stars, in your dorm room, in others dorm rooms, in your mistakes, and in the books that hide in corners all around the library. There is so much to be inquired. Nothing is to be overlooked once, put down and left there. Ask questions and do not take no for an answer. Stand up for what you believe in and for people who cannot stand up for themselves. Life is an educating process…and so is the first semester of freshman year.

 Cheers to a new year and a ridiculous passion-filled second semester.

“Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.”  ~Alfred Lord Tennyson

End note: Enjoyed a blessed holiday and some much needed time with the people that I love. Heading back to The Green Mountain state in morning and I cannot wait to see everyone!


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