Last first classes – Leanne Kopec

It first hit me about a week ago when I was ordering a bunch of textbooks online: This is the last time I have to buy books for Green Mountain College.  This week marks the beginning of the eighth (out of eight) semesters that I have spent at GMC.  I am graduating in May, MAY! So, I believe needles to say, I have decided to make the most out of this last semester at a place which has influenced me in so many ways and is home to so many memories and unique experiences that I will never forget.  

As far as academics go, I am finished with all major and minor requirements with the exception of one required class to receive a minor in Psychology: Theories of Personalities.  Other than that class I had the freedom to choose classes that I found interesting (and fit into a schedule together), in order to complete the required number of credit hours that you must take before graduating.  So the other classes that I am taking this semester are:  Abnormal Psych, Philosophy of Religion, History of the English Language, Fundamentals of Organic Agriculture, and a one-credit special topics class called Issues in the Vermont State Legislature.  

Since I was a freshmen here, I had always known that my major would be Environmental Studies and Public Policy, and while I continue to be super psyched to continue my career within that, GMC has also exposed to me so many other topics that I find interesting.  This is the main reason why I am especially excited for Fundamentals of Org. Ag. Since being here I have gained a new appreciation and passion for agriculture and being able to grow your own food (I dream to one day have a large garden which produces a good amount of the food I consume).  I have not had the opportunity to take many Ag. classes and regret not spending more time working on the farm here. So this was my opportunity to pursue this passion.  

 We met for the first class today, we meet for three hours once a week, and I am more than excited for this upcoming semester.  I am sure that I will be writing a lot about this and my other five classes. 

I believe that in many ways, while GMC has prepared me so well for the career that I would like to pursue, there have also been so many opportunities to embrace lifestyle interests that may not be exactly aligned with my major/career.  Where else could I gain such great knowledge about this interest of mine, work with others who are just as passionate, and get college credit for working on Cerridwen Farm? 

I believe that gaining knowledge and experience which support how I choose to live my personal life in the future is a great way finish up my time in the Green Mountains.  


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