First week of my second semester, by Krista Shugart

              Transitioning from relaxing all break, to the first week of classes was a big adjustment. Over break I decided that I wanted to double major in Psychology and Elementary Education, so this semester I have 18 credits in order to graduate on time. I made this decision because I want to join the Peace Corps after I graduate from Green Mountain College, and I want to work with and teach children while I am in the program, so I would need an education degree to do that. I am very glad that I came to this conclusion over break!

                The amount of homework was overwhelming this week, but that is because I am not back into the “homework routine” yet.  Since I have been back I have been enjoying spending time with my friends. I went to my first GMC basketball game today, and it was really fun! Even though our team did not win they played really well and showed great teamwork! There was a really supportive crowd there of GMC students and staff, and you could really feel the sense of community in the gym.

                Today at dinner my friend Elissa asked me if I could trim her hair for her. I was a bit apprehensive because a few years ago I cut my little sisters hair/bangs for her and she cried when I finished! That is not what you want someone to do after you cut their hair! But I agreed and it turned out great! I am so glad that she asked me, because I had so much fun!

                Earlier this week there was an open mic night on campus as a “welcome back” to the GMC students. I love open mic nights because there are so many musically talented students at GMC!

                It feels really great to be back on campus, and I am excited for this semester.

*photo is from open mic night


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