Beginning of a new semester for Student Senate – Leanne Kopec

In order to begin this new spring semester in a great way GMC’s Student Government Association, or SGA, spent their first Saturday afternoon of the semester discussing last semester and planning ways to make this one even better.  

First we all met at The Station, a sandwich shop and bakery in Poultney for breakfast and to catch up on what been going on over break.  Then we continued into a room in the library with a list of things to accomplish before we all spent a great dinner together at the Trolly Stop, another great restaurant in Poultney.  

We started off the meeting by voting in two new students to the senate who were replacing students who are away to study abroad and such.  Both the new Freshmen Representative and Vice President I believe are going to be fantastic senators. We then continued to discuss this past fall semester for the SGA; successes, opportunities, things that we should work on for this semester. We then discussed the roles of each position on the team.  This includes the student body President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, one representative from each class: Senior (that’s me), Junior, Sophomore, and Freshmen, and a representative for commuter students as well, and a number of Director positions including Facilities, Public Relations, Civic Engagement, Information Technology, and Fundraising. While we discussed roles of these positions as outlined in our Constitution (which we revised last semester and approved for this semester), we also discussed each person individually and what we can all do to make a better SGA.  

Really the main focus of this day is to create ideas on how our SGA can have a more positive influence on campus happenings and come up with ideas to let students know that we represent them, that we are a resource, and most or all that we care, individually and as a group.

Overall, I think that this was a rather productive way to spend a Saturday afternoon and I hope that the enthusiasm for SGA issues will continue on for the rest of the semester. Mostly, I want to emphasize to students that Student Senate is an outlet for your ideas and concerns, as well as funding opportunities; we have a budget each semester which we can allocate to students with appropriate requests for ideas which can make the campus and/or student life better in any way. 

I will continue to keep you updated on major SGA events and issue throughout the semester. 


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