Inspirational Mosaic…by Haley Tripoli

Every once in a while there comes along someone who understands what it means to serve. What it means to bend so that things don’t break. To go above and beyond…exceeding limitations. These interminably, eternally, important, and influential people who exist, and have existed, do not carry their legacy to the grave; instead they leave it here with us to kindle and practice, to bring to light, and life. All across the country we celebrate and acknowledge such an inspirational figure of the American past: Martin Luther King. Some schools cancel class, while others spend their time reminiscing on the dreams he turned into accomplishments. But, his legacies, and the legacies of many others, do not only exist when a holiday dubs it so. These transcending accomplishments have flames that are never meant to die out. In fact, it is our duty as people to carry them on…to exude the same fiery spirit and sweet disposition that has a way of changing things…of pushing humanity forward. January is the perfect month to challenge one another and set goals for an impressive and heart-felt year. Our feet rest upon the path waiting for a cue to begin. Where we decide to go, and what we decide to do, is up to us. I am so happy that we are kicking off the semester with a Diversity Forum and many, many other necessary projects. What better way to start a semester? GMC is the place to be.



People who have changed life ‘as we know it’:


Martin Luther King

Maya Angelou

John F. Kennedy

Anne Frank

Benjamin Franklin

Thomas Jefferson

Nelson Mandela

Winston Churchill

Henry David Thoreau


Oscar Wilde

Ellen DeGeneres





“We have become not a melting pot, but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, and different dreams” –Jimmy Carter


This quote is exceptionally true for our community here at GMC. We come here with differing intentions for our futures, diverse back rounds, and ideas about how to get things done. It’s what we share that is special: Our objectives to take the road less traveled and make a difference for the better.


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