Picking a career with Renee-Kat Kehrt

About a week ago, I wandered into Renee Beaupre-White’s office to talk to her about my life after graduation. About a day before I stepped into her office, it hit me suddenly that I was graduating within the year. After freaking out for about an hour, I wrote her an email, asking her to meet with me the next day. If any of you know Renee, you know how energetic and welcoming she is. She seems to know everyone’s name and is always so excited to see you. She instantly returned my email, saying that she would love to meet with me the next day. Her email was filled with exclamation marks and positive sentences, which barely does justice to her bubbly personality.

When I walked into her office the next day, I was tired, stressed and sick. But the moment I set foot in her office, my mood went up and I was really excited to talk to her. She greeted me with her huge smile and a “Hi Kat! How are you?! How are classes going?!” As I was telling her about my trip to Nepal and explaining that I was trying to find a job in Nepal, she was nodding her head and I could see the wheels in her head turning. We spent the hour researching ideas, perfecting my resume and brainstorming ways to get a job over there. When I walked into her office at the beginning of the meeting, I felt lost and had no idea where to go next with the prospect of getting a job in a foreign country. But when I left, with another scheduled time to meet, I felt ready and extremely motivated. As I walked out of the room, she said “Don’t worry Kat. You’ll get over there”.

Renee’s official title at Green Mountain is Director of Career Services. She is incharge of getting students’ resumes ready, helping them find internships and careers for after college and creating a massive alumni network. Over the past four years, I have spent a fair amount of time in her office, just catching up, brainstorming ideas for my life and asking for direction when I need it. Her office is on the second floor of the library and is extremely welcoming and warm. There are inspirational quotes and pictures of the college covering the walls. Books entitled “Making a resume that will count” and “How to ace an interview” occupy the bookshelves and something about being in there, makes me want to read all of them.

Graduating college is a huge step in a person’s life and can be confusing. Having some direction from myself, I don’t find the task nearly as scary as other people might, but Renee, regardless, has been supportive of me and has been there to steer me in the right direction. As you go through college,  you meet a lot of professor and staff that are there to support you, but when it comes to picking a career and getting advice that is gold, Renee is your person. She is one of the most supportive, caring, radiant people I have ever met and I owe the organization of my resume and some of my motivation to search for jobs to her.

So if you ever fid yourself in a rut and not sure what you’re going to do after graduation, pop into her office, sit down and just start talking. She will be there, smiling at you, ready to help to the best of her ability.


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