A night at the Pub- Kat Kehrt

Last night, after going to the basketball games, a group of friends and I headed to the Back to Vermont Pub. On an average Tuesday night, one will be able to find many GMC students and professors walking down Main Street, heading towards the pub. The pub is located about a 3 minute walk from Ames Circle and on Tuesday nights it offers $3 beers and bluegrass music, mostly done by professors and students just standing around, jamming.

As I walked in last night, it was packed. I waved hello to numerous friends and grinned when I saw a few of my professors sitting in booths, chatting and in the back, playing pool. As I sat down and started to figure out what I was going to order, I started to think about the very environment I was in. The pub is not very big in size, but it is huge in having a community aspect. Every Tuesday night this goes on, bringing locals, and people from the college together. As bluegrass music plays in the background, people can be found joking around with their friends or challenging their professor to a game of pool. The food is cheap and wonderfully good and the majority of the beer is from Vermont breweries.

As I looked around, I thought to myself “How many other schools do this?” “How many other colleges have the designinated ‘Pub night’ and socialize with their professors outside of the classroom?” The day leading up to Tuesday night, people can be found asking each other, “Hey, you going to the Pub tonight?” making it seem like it’s part of the natural life of being at Green Mountain. I would safely say that the Pub is part of the GMC culture and once you are 21, it’s totally worth it to go on a Tuesday night, grab a beer and some sweet potato fries and sit back and listen to the awesome sounds of the bluegrass music.


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