Rivalry Grudge Match…By: Forrest Teutsch

Castleton State College has been the established sports rival of Green Mountain College seemingly since GMC adopted an athletic program. The reason for this rivalry sadly is not as sweet a story as Michigan v Ohio State or NY Yankees v Red Sox. Instead, this rivalry holds more true to the UNC Chapel Hill v Duke story where both schools are seperated by a mere 7 miles. Castleton State College is seperated from the small liberal arts school by ony 8.5 miles so naturally even if the athletics have never clashed for conference titles, the geography forces the rivalry.

Over the past few years Green Mountain’s basketball team has never been able to beat Castleton’s squad, nor even make it a close game. However, with a new group of faces in the team’s arsenal GMC’s men’s team looked poised to do just that; make it a game and grind out every play. With the support of a packed facility the Eagles fought tooth and nail for every point, never allowing Castleton a moments breath. After a tremendous first half effort from Green Mountain, the constant stellar 3 point shooting for Castleton had perched them ahead for the moment by the score of 47-35. As daunting as the task seemed to come back, it was only 12 points and if the team could do as coach Daryle Tucker preached “don’t look at the differential now, just work for every point,” then it could be accomplished.

Carnelius Green, nicknamed CG3 by the superfans, led the charge in the second half completing the game with a double double; posting 26 points and 16 rebounds (player of the week type numbers). Yet, after all was said and done, the Eagles were not out-played or out of thier league in terms of talent, the difference simply came from the sheer depth that Castleton boasted. The Castleton squad felt comfortable with 11 total subs which provided points off the bench as opposed to GMC’s 5 bench players. This led to the startes eating away more playing time and working through fatigue to stay in the game.

The men’s team will get thier chance to exact revenge and post the first win against Castleton on February 11th on Castleton’s home court.


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