Second Semester! – Matthias Baudinet

So the second semester has started and it already seems that this will be an even better one than the last! With graduation just around the corner, all this political commotion, and new students, I can’t wait for this semester to be in the full swing of things. This is my second semester at Green Mountain College, and though I love this school dearly, these temperatures are abnormal!!! This is by far the coldest winter I have ever experienced! Though the coldest is very harsh, warmth is restored to my heart by the friendliness of my friends here at this spectacular school. My senior friends are desperate for graduation to come but at the same time excited. My fellow freshman friends are just some of the world’s nicest and beautiful people, and the new students also help keeping this campus warm. 

I was eating in the dining hall the other day, and I could not help but notice all the new beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen that have arrived here this semester. Not only that, but we have accomodated new foreign students as well. One of our new foreign students is Lettice Chillingworth. A British citizen who attends a Welsh University. May I say that it is wonderful to finally have another European around here! Nonetheless, these new students are the evidence of the hard work that our admissions office does, for these students greatly contribute to the overall well-being of our school. 

This year, which is an election year has made me thought of the political sense of our school. How do most people feel about the Republican candidates, President Obama, and the US government in general? Do we have political groups here on campus? I don’t think we do, and in my opinion, this needs to change!

This semester really looks like it will be a fantastic one! I do hope that it will follow that path of greatness.


Matthias R. Baudinet


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