The opportunity to become a leader by Asadullah Sohail

The opportunity to become a leader

       Besides the academics at Green Mountain College; extracurricular activities are a great opportunity for students to practice and develop their leadership skills.  There are over thirty student led clubs on campus and they are open for everybody. Getting involved in these clubs will help students to make friends, and develop team work, management and leadership skills. International Awareness Club (IAC) is one of these clubs.

      We have around thirty members. IAC is part of the US fund for UNICEF, Student Campaign for Child Survival and New York City and Harvard Model UN. It “focuses on initiatives that have the goal of creating awareness, fundraising to help children from around the world, participating in global forums, and to engage the campus and community in international issues such as human rights, climate change, and poverty”.

      International Awareness Club is sending seven delegates (students) to Harvard Model UN Conference on February 16th to 19th, 2012. There will be 3000 students from different university and colleges. The delegates are working tirelessly to get ready for the conference. They are looking forward for it.

Green Mountain College Delegates at UN General Assembly, 2011

       At the same time a delegation of 12 Green Mountain College students are going to participate in New York City 2011 National Model UN Conference from April 3rd-8th, 2012.  The conference will take place in the heart of New York City, Time Square, at Marriott Hotel. This conference brings 57, 00 delegates from five continents and over thirty countries and 150 colleges and universities to New York City. The delegation of Green Mountain College will represent Lithuania.

       In order to represent a country well, the team need to have enough knowledge about the country and UN. The delegation has been meeting once a week since last semester working hard to prepare research and read the UN resolutions, treaties, conventions, UN Charter, the Eight Millennium Development Goals. More importantly, our delegates researched about Lithuania. They are learning about Lithuania’s history, economy, culture, religions, geography, politics and the relationship of the country with its neighboring countries and the world.

GMC Delegates at UN General Assembly, 2010

      The mean purpose of National Model UN Conference is to give a unique opportunity for college students to better understand the inner workings of the United Nations while building skills in diplomacy, compromise, group working and drafting resolutions. Our delegations are working tirelessly to get ready for this conference.  At this conference they will write resolutions addressing regional conflicts, peacekeeping, human rights, women and children, economic and social development, and the environment at six different committees.

      Our delegation has its own Model UN because it a diverse group of informed and committed leaders from U.S, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Kenya, Vietnam, Turks and Caicos Island. As the president of IAC I am honored to mention that we have been sending our future leaders to these conferences since 2008 to learn about world issues. This is just a small portion of extra curricular activities at GMC. Every club is doing great jobs.




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