Urban Moonshine comes to GMC! By Krista Shugart

        Green Mountain College is starting an Alumni Speaker Series. This is a great way to support GMC graduates, and the alumni’s can inspire the GMC students because we can see the places that their degrees from Green Mountain College have taken them! January’s Alumni was Jessyloo Rodrigues who graduated in 2007 as an Environmental Studies major. She currently is an inside sales representative for Urban Moonshine Natural Products in Burlington, VT. She came to speak about the organic and sustainable business today.

        Urban Moonshine has a mission to “rekindle the relationship between herbal medicine and the modern world.” The organic bitters that Urban Moonshine offer work small digestive miracles; the bitters spark the digestive process before meals. They also support liver function with detoxifiers like dandelion, burdock, and yellow dock.

They have a wide variety of products such as:

“Spark the Senses” is a digestive aid that supports digestive enzymes, detoxifies, and supports liver function

Immune Zoom: “Handcrafted Medicinal” supports your immune system in a natural way

Deep Immunity: “Build and Strengthen” is a daily tonic to protect the body and fortify the immune and nervous systems. This helps prepare your body for the season.

Organic Immune Tonic: This product prepares and tones your immune system. It is organic and gluten free and strengthens immunity. If it is taken daily it can really build and maintain radiant health.

*and many others!! I encourage you to go to http://www.urbanmoonshine.com/ for more information!

       Jessyloo Rodrigues is a really great educator. She has so much knowledge about the natural herbs that can really make a healthy difference in peoples’ lives. She opened up her talk to a discussion with the audience. It was a very interactive experience, and students were very interested and wanted to know more about these natural organic products.

       Thank you so much to Jessyloo for coming to Green Mountain College today!


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