A Day with a Chess Player – by [Binh]

Hi there, this is Binh. Hope you are enjoying your awesome weekend. I had a funny day since I followed my friend, a chess player, to “Billiards, Chess and Go Tournaments” today. Watching them to play chess in the silent was not my way, but I wanted to challenge myself to keep silent in four hours. Have you ever tried it? :))

We arrived to the Buttery where my friend signed up for his chess game about 12:30pm. There were nine or ten players already wrote down their names in the sheet. I guessed all of them wanted to win a new chess set. Well, this was a game. And we had to know the winner. But problem was that we never knew what would happen at the ending until we saw it? Maybe my friend would be the winner. Maybe?

We … I meant my friend played couple games with our other friend to warm up while we were waiting for other players showed up. Meantime, people started their competition with billiards and go. I could see their intensive faces trying to make balls down the hole.

The chess competition was finally started. For the first game, my friend played with Andrew. Although I did not know much about chess (well, I knew how to play ^^), I could realize that both of them were at the similar level. Pawns of both sides were generally killed. Used special moving of knights, my friend sent his pieces deeply into his competitor’s side. The king of his competitor was very easy to be attached. However, it was not much easy to win. His competitor used castling to hide his king behind his white rook. Both of my friend and his competitors kept chasing each other until they found a hole in the strategy of enemy. Eventually, my friend won in a smart way. What an entertainment game!

The competition kept going on and on. And wow, my friend kept going wining. It was surprised to me. I did not know that he played chess very well. He probably spent a lot of time for practicing and playing chess. As a result, he was the final winner. (Wow wow). When I thought he would receive a new chess set, his final competitor had some personal business. Because the final game was not finished, he and my friend would meet next week to continue… What!!!!

Yeap, we need one more game to know who the winner is. My friend is temporally winner. Well, better, he should win the final game. And get the new chess set, of course. I will update the result of the game in this post to you since I get it next week. Subscribe this post if you want to know! Have a nice weekend folks!






Update: My friend finally won, he had a new chessset. Yeahhhh!


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