Do you miss the spring in GMC?—By Jessie Jiang

The winter in Green Mountain College is really cool, but is has been so long since all the green leaves fall down! You can do a lot of things in winter such as skiing, skating, ice climbing or ice fishing.

Don’t you miss the green leaves, the beautiful sunshine, the fragrant grass? Don’t you miss running on the playing field or lying down where ever you want. I do. I am a little bit tired about the winter, everything looks so grey, and it really influence my mood. I do not have any passion to do my work.(maybe it’s an excuse for my laziness) Also, I really enjoy walk on the ice, but if you fall down from the ice, it’s gonna be really hurt and dangerous! I saw some people fall down, so sad.

My friend Emily told me the spring will not come in three months, which is a horrible news for me. The winter in Poultney is really long!

Don’t you want to see the green things are full of our campus? I thing you do.Green Mountain College need green now! Hope the warm days can come back soon!


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