Lacrosse! by Alexandra Hilliard

Although there was already one practice last Sunday, which I did not make, there was a Captain’s practice for Lacrosse today! It was in the gym at 8 and ran a little past 9. I had expected only women to be there, but due to some fortunate miscommunication, we had a gym full of lax players! Everyone got warmed up by passing around for a bit, and then we participated in drills. We practiced lefty and righty, passing, shooting, and communicating with fellow players. It was a good workout and I definitely broke out in a sweat. It just makes me realize how much room I have for improvement this season, which is really exciting. I look forward to getting to know the teammates I have known on a more personal level, and also getting to know the new players who I haven’t had the chance to become acquainted with. I foresee this semester, despite being pretty hectic so far, being really fun and filled with lots of things to do. You know what they say, “Idle hands are the devil’s playground!”. It’s true for me at least, the more time I spend doing productive things that really contribute to my education, the better.
I think we have one more practice next weekend, before pre-season starts officially. I believe the start of such practices is around Valentine’s Day. I really encourage students, whether current or prospective, to get engaged in athletics. Considering that the school’s athletic program is division III it isn’t a HUGE time commitment, but rather a fun way to stay busy and in shape!


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