Indesicive Snow- Kat Kehrt

Usually by the time everyone comes back to Green Mountain after Thanksgiving, there is a blanket of snow on the ground. People can be seen walking across campus in their intense looking snowboots and hats and scarves wrapped tightly around them. Campus always becomes magical when it snows. It has always been my favorite part of the year. Walking to the library to do hours of homework can be so exciting!

When we got back to school after Thanksgiving, there was no snow. There was a random snowstorm in the end of October, but it all melted. When we all left for Christmas break, we had faith that there would be snow when we came back. As I waited around all break to come back to campus and enjoy a “Vermont Winter” I kept hearing things about how there was no snow up there. Returning, I saw that there was infact no snow. There was a sprinkling here and there since mid-January, but no dumping snowstorm.

I can say it’s very interesting going through the winter with green grass visable and temperatures that allow me to walk to class in a long sleeve tshirt. I have secretly enjoyed it a few times, because trudging through the knee deep snow can get a little ridiculous after awhile. I did buy a skipass to Okemo this year and it’s extremely rewarding to go over there and see the welcoming sight of snow.

Having no snow at GMC this winter has been strange and weird experience. I never thought about how much snow plays a part of the winter in Vermont. It’s always just been there and when it’s gone, it’s one of those things you definitely notice. I know though, when it snows one of these days, it will snow a ridiculous amount and be totally worth it. 🙂


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