1,000 Point Club…By:Forrest Teutsch

On February 3rd against Husson College, Millicent (Molly) Hopper made Green Mountain College history by scoring her 1,000th career point. This accomplishment is one that puts her in with the all-time greats of Green Mountain. Not many can boast this accomplishment, but Molly won’t even do this because of her modest nature.

This accomplishment sadly came at the hands of a loss to Husson College and at an away game at that as well. Molly posted yet another double-double this season by adding 11 rebounds and 15 points this game. Unfortunatly this was not enough to contain Husson, who handed Green Mountain a 19 point loss. The worst part is that this feat was seen at Husson College and not at home in front of the Eagle crowd and all her friends.

This accomplishment did not come easy, it was a culmination of years of practice and hard work. Molly was able to reach this goal her Senior year after working hard day in and day out, whether it be in season or out of season. She always focused on the fundamentals to get her to where she needed to be. She was never one to dog workouts, instead she studied the playbook to perfection while also working on driving in the paint, dribbling, laying up, conditioning, and much more. Baskets never come easy, and she knows that. Molly has not taken these points for granted nor has she focused soley on scoring; she always just thinks about what is the best interest for the team.

1,000 career points is certainly no easy task and so when she comes back and plays her first game on our home court following this milestone, she deserves a full standing ovation from the home crowd. This milestone is a huge accomplishment and something that Molly, her family, and her team should all be proud of. Everyone congratulate her!


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