Countdown to Brunnenburg by Taylor Conley


23 more days until I go to Italy! In preparation, I’ve been reading travel books, scouting out a destination for spring break, buying base and mid-layers for the cold work days, gloves, and a thank you gift for the family hosting us at the castle. I also have to find a power converter, so I can plug in my computer and blog you from South Tyrol, Italy!

I’ve never left the United States before, so this will be a completely new experience. I’m very grateful for the opportunity. For any perspectives or GMC students dreaming of a study abroad, I’d like to encourage you and impress upon you that it is completely possible. I don’t come from a family income where I can have whatever I want, so I knew if I wanted to go to Italy I was going to have to come up with the money. Before college, my dad wouldn’t let me work because he wanted me to put all my focus twoards school and my grades. I came to GMC and got my first work experience as a work study peer tutor at the Learning Center. I also worked at The Station, a cafe that is walking distance from the college, full time during Thankgiving break. I saved all my paychecks and was able to pay for the study abroad without taking any loans, borrowing money from my parents, or anyone. So it just goes to show that anyone can do it, as long as you know that’s what you really want to do. 

In the meantime before I get to Italy, I thought I’d share the video of a prior Brunnenburg trip which was my first exposure to this study abroad and GMC. 





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