Reading for enjoyment – Leanne Kopec

In some of my past blogs I have written about how Green Mountain has not only prepared me for the professional paths I have chosen in the field of Environmental Policy, but has also given me many opportunities to learn many other things which I would like to continue on as part of my lifestyle in the future.  I have a passion for nutrition and organic agriculture and this passion is continuing to be fed by the Fundamentals of Organic Agriculture class that I am taking this semester, along with many other things that are constantly going on around campus (there are many clubs and groups which promote such practices here).  

For this class we have started to read Organic Manifesto by Maria Rodale of The Rodale Institute.  This is a fairly recent publication in which the author prescribes an organic solution to many of the worlds problems right now such as, food shortages, pollution of the air, water, and land, land degradation, and so many diseases and ailments that are affecting humans.  Although I already tend to believe many of the points that Rodale is making, reading this book (although some aspects of our present situation seem grim) supports many of my ideas and makes me really excited to move on after Green Mountain and start to create the ideal life for myself; one which includes my own vegetable garden, making delicious food from it, and overall just enjoying a healthy and organic lifestyle.  

Part of the reason why I am so excited to be reading this book is because during the semester, I feel as if there is not too much time to read for pleasure, which is something I really enjoy doing.  Between classes and all of the work and reading for these classes, reading is not usually the ideal way to unwind.  But having readings assigned that are interesting and fun to read is always refreshing, as well as motivating. 


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