The Movie Night—by Jessie Jiang

Although it was a cold night, there were fresh, warm complimentary pop-corn and soda in Ackley for the the Rum Diary audiences. This movie is starred by Johnny Depp, who is one of my favourite actor, Aaron Eckhart and Amber Heard. 

The story tells about American journalist Paul Kemp who was tired of the city life, and went to an unknown newspaper and got a job in Puerto Rico. Kemp fell in love with rum and a girl who has a boyfriend, and had a period of drunk life on this island.

Green Mountain College Student Life department will host movie night every single weekend, most of time the movie is showed in the Tiny Theater, which is on the main street of Poultney. Sometime, they will show the movie in Ackley Theater. Every month, student life will list a movie list and send that to students. Students will vote what they want to watch. It’s really awesome! Also, in the Griswold Library, first floor, there are hundred of movies that students can borrow to watch.


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