Giants vs. Patriots (Haley Tripoli)

…through the eyes of a girl apathetic to football-empathetic to WHY people do the things that they do!

 Oh, the joy. I love the spirit of sports teams, and of course, their fans. The hype and passion that spills out over games like Superbowl Sunday is ridiculously mesmerizing, and well, fun. GMC hosted an event in the Buttery where students congregated, ate food, and cheered on their ‘favorite’ team. Sitting and observing as a girl who usually roots for the underdog, and for the Philadelphia Eagles;), I was presently pleased when the Giants took home the title. For the fans of the New England Patriots, it was a blow to what looked like a solid win. I still don’t understand why they risked a touch down for sake of the clock? All the while sitting and watching, the anthropologist in me really couldn’t help but want to engage in conversation with the screaming fans in the stands, and the hundreds of fans throwing parties on their couches at home. It’s so interesting to me how much a single game means. The symbolism that is involved, the enthusiastic banter before games, and the presentation of the trophy after(of which every player touches or kisses), is so neat to watch with an anthropological/sociological lens on! Made me want to take my book out and take notes! While watching the presentation of mvp to elli manning in the lounge, another student in pat’s wear with a bursted giants balloon came in (half yelling, half giggling) yelling, “turn that off!” As if the lose had anything to do with her personal life…

Anyway, in my ethnograghic field methods class, with the wonderful Eleanor Tison, we are working on drafting up a proposal for our own ethnograghic project. We must use the tools of ethnograghy to study a community/group of people…and then present to the class during the spring. I think it would be particularly interesting to study sports fans. I would have an exreme advantage as an objective observer…and may even get to join in on the hyped fun?

Sweet dreams Patriots fans! Congrats to the Giants.


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