Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness…The Journey of a Woman (by Haley Tripoli)

So…I tend to be flirting with a similar theme lately. I don’t know why I like to write motivational blogs, aka conversations with myself, but they tend to remind me of the important things. Sometimes we forget where we come from, and the things/people that motivate us. Hopefully someone reading will connect. 

here goes…

I believe that no matter where you come from in life or the barriers that society places in your path to break through, where you end up is made up of a series of choices. Someone very special to me points this out constantly, and he is correct. Make the right choices…with sprinkles of mistakes…and the world is yours. We must overcome the relevant excuses; thus clearing our lives of the irrelevant ones. 

 I cannot help but fall enthusiastically in love with the idea of earning a living via the same activity that brings me happiness and fulfillment. I mean…being able to immerse myself mercilessly, while at the same time happily, into the jugular of my life’s work is really a blessing (a blessing that I hope to be blessed with). I watched my mom struggle as a single mother trying to make ends meet. She did all this without love for her job, and with love for her daughters channeled, she overcame. I know that no matter what I do in life, there will be happiness surrounding me, and like my mother I will make things work. But, why settle and make the same ‘mistakes’ that my mother so fortunately made, never hiding what she would change- all in hopes that my sister and I might learn otherwise. I cannot speak for my sister, but I have learned so much from my mother. When burning questions torture my mind at night, like:

What are am I going to do with an anthropology degree?

 How am I going to sustain myself?

How am I going to prove to myself and others that I am cut out for this? Do I belong in the game?

Is this what I am meant to be working towards?

I think of her. I think not of the student loans and the debt that I will accumulate from trying to make something of myself. I think of her and her life. I think of how the only job that has given my mom any enjoyment, fulfillment, meaning, and worth… has been as a mother. I think about the career she made for herself, without a college education, working her way up corporate America. She pulled motivation from where it mattered most. Although I do not want to follow in her footsteps as a nine to five desk employee, I DO want to follow in her footsteps as an ambitious woman. There is nothing that ambition cannot do. I could only hope to have the same dedicated awareness for what needs to be done…if not for the office, then for the world. Toying with the idea of possibly double majoring in anthropology/elementary education with a minor in psych…I have dreams of peace core work. I want to study people of the world, help people of the world, and love people of the world. With dreams as broad as these, I cannot go wrong. No matter what I do, I know that ill be happy as long as I am contributing something. These dreams are the repercussions of my mothers actions. They are the dreams she set aside for me, the remnants of her dreams given up.  So, when I grow lazy, or feel complacent, or have no desire or energy-may I become as fearless as the strongest woman I know. May I hustle and pull through to make something of myself, and to pay it forward. Happy Monday morning!


Orientation day before Wilderness Challenge!
My beautiful momma!


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