Monday Mornings, By Johnny Cabrera

They’re such a struggle. Weak and hungry, I always end up going to my first class so tired and barely awake. It’s a shame. Most of the time I get plenty of sleep, but for some reason, last night I felt like contemplating my entire life. Thanks to my philosophy class [Existentialism and Phenomenology] I ponder every action I ever made. When I think about who I actually am, I feel so lost. As a perfect example, think of a crowded room full of chaotic teenagers, with one door shining the light to truth and authenticity. I am in the very furthest corner and each person symbolizes a moral, a challenge, a test that I must over come. This example is perfect. I feel lost. I feel alone. I feel desperate for that escape. It becomes such a challenge to back away from the truth of life when it’s staring at you right in the face but becomes completely intangible.

These are the thoughts, the expressions, the emotions that I have contemplated, and taking a philosophy class that focuses entirely on the inner self only further complicates the consciousness.  This is why I am here. This is why I am in college, to uncover the truth, and separate the right from wrong. I am here to create my morality. 


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