Super Bowl? Commercials!?…-Matthias Baudinet

Sunday night! Food! American Football! SUPER BOWL! Idea of a perfect evening? Not to me I must say. Of course, I understand that American Football is a popular sport and that the Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event in America but when it gets to people being more excited about watching commercials and half time shows then that is absurd. What happened to watching the actual game. Commercials should be dreaded, not praised everytime they come on. This is something I do not understand at all. 

When I watch real football (soccer), rugby, formula 1 or tennis, commercials are the things that simply ruin a sporting event on tv. When I stopped by the buttery last night to see how people watched the super bowl, I found it amusing that comments such as, “wow, that commercial is really amazing” were made. I have never witnessed people who actually want to watch commercials during a sporting event until I came here. It is strange to me. I hope to one day learn why so much emphasis is placed commercials during the Super Bowl. 


   Matthias R. Baudinet 


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