What do Green Mountain College students do on the weekends?

What do Green Mountain College students do on the weekends?

            I am not biased and do not exaggerate the facts about the free outdoor and advantageous trips for Green Mountain College students on the weekends and holidays. Green MAP (Green Mountain Adventure Programming) leads groups of students to Killington to ski on the weekends.

            Green MAP plans many events and trips throughout the year to keep students engaged in the outdoors activities. Some of the activities include rock climbing, ice climbing, day hikes, overnight backpacking, canoeing, touring & whitewater kayaking, caving, snowshoeing, animal tracking, back country telemark skiing & mountaineering. Vermont is beautiful in winter because of the snow. It is the season for many outdoor fun activities.


            In Vermont, winter is the season for students who love skiing. Green Map brings many students to ski at Killington. Plus, Green Mountain College students get discount to buy their own ski pass to Killington. Green MAP also sponsors indoor canoeing and kayak skill development classes in the pool, as well as ice climbing wall and ski trips.  It depends on weather.

            Some of the beautiful lakes and mountains are located near Green Mountain College. Green MAP brings groups of students to visit nearby natural resource areas such as Lake St. Catherine, the Adirondacks, the Green Mountains or New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

There is an optional pre-orientation outdoor trip for all incoming Freshmen and transfer students in the beginning of every academic year. We call it, “The Wilderness Challenge”. The activities at this five days planned trip include backpacking, canoeing, sea kayaking, and rock climbing. In this unique and exceptional trips students divide in small groups so they get the opportunity to “interact with new classmates, learn new outdoor skills and explore the breathtaking wilderness this region has to offer”. This trip gives a great opportunity to students to make friends and get to know one another.

  Besides all the adventurous trips, Green MAP has equipments available for rental in cheap price as well.  They have telemark skis, ice climbing and general camping equipments, backpacking and rock climbing gears, snowshoes, kayaks and canoes. All these equipments cost $1/day. 

Aside the academic part and many wonderful activities on the weekends, GMC students take advantage of the adventurous outdoor trips and enjoy the four beautiful seasons of New England. 


Asadullah Sohail



One thought on “What do Green Mountain College students do on the weekends?

  1. Interesting activities you have going on in your uni, Sohail. I would love for these activities to be conducted in my uni campus. Anyway, thanks for sharing. More pictures to share?


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