The Fitness Center by Krista Shugart


Green Mountain College really has a great gym for students to use. Not only do we have a gym, but we also have a pool that is open for “free/open swim” four times a week. I have been thinking about going to the gym since I arrived on campus. During my first week at GMC I went to the gym, and I loved it! The funny thing is that I have not been since the first semester! I have been belly dancing as my form of exercise. My good friend Chanel recently came and visited my roommate Lian and I in our room. While we were hanging out she looked at all of our schedules and made us a schedule for going to the gym. Now Lian, Chanel, and I go once a day except for Wednesdays when we belly dance. This has been such a great addition in my life and I have felt more energetic since starting this schedule! We are so lucky to have such a great facility on campus and it is important to take advantage of the opportunity! I plan on going swimming tomorrow with a few friends and I will tell you how it is! I love swimming, and it is something that I have been missing. Summer is my favorite month for this reason, among many others. It is hard to fit the gym into your schedule when you have so many homework assignments/upcoming tests and quizzes/projects etc. But if you cut out procrastination, there is plenty of time! 🙂 



One thought on “The Fitness Center by Krista Shugart

  1. Having a schedule definitely helps some people – I know I function much better when I've got structure. It gives me more of a focus, and I definitely perform better.Thanks for sharing!


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