Young At Heart, By Johnny Cabrera

Since my first semester at Green Mountain College, I’ve been contemplating on doing some community service around the Poultney area. I finally gained some energy and enthusiasm yesterday and called Young At Heart. They hold lunches for the elderly community of Poultney- They also have a thrift store down stairs which helps fund the lunches. On Friday, I helped out with the lunch. They offered salad, beef stew and banana pudding. All the food smelled delicious but I had to concentrate on serving the food and picking up the finished plates. There were probably 30 people in the dining area, and yet, it was still stressful. I can only imagine people who work at restaurants, serving endless people throughout the day.

I haven’t been around a community of elderly people since my Grandma passed away last March. I was her caretaker after school. She was such a huge part of my life, so it felt right to be there. I felt like I was helping the people, along with helping myself. The experience helped center me. I have now committed myself to volunteering every Friday with their lunch. It’ll be a great way to learn and meet new people of the Poultney community. 


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