Skiing in the morning, class at 1- Kat Kehrt

This morning I woke up at 730, got some breakfast and then grabbed my skis, poles and boots and headed over to Okemo. It took about an hour to get to hour, but the drive was totally worth it.  I arrived at 9:06, six minutes shy of the opening of the lifts. I parked, got my boots on and carried my skis and poles to the base and clipped in. I then turned my Ipod on and got going. The first run is always a wake up one, to get those muscles and bones going and to turn the brain on, but after the first one, I headed straight to the top and did a few more.

I went to Okemo on a Friday morning, alone, zoned into my music and skiied for a few hours, and then headed back to campus in time to go to class at 1PM. Growing up, trips to Okemo were always a family thing that took place once a year over our schools’ winter breaks. But now, going to Green Mountain College, when winter roles around, I purchased a season pass, which allows me to ski whenever I want. Today, I really realized how awesome that is. I am able to go to school so close to a ski mountain, that I can go for a few runs and then be back at school an hour later to attend class.

It is always nice to escape campus for a bit and go hit the slopes. Going with friends is just as rewarding and fun as going solo. Sometimes it’s nice to just go alone, turn on some music and ski. Going to GMC allows you a privledge that a lot of other schools don’t have. A lot of schools that don’t live near ski mountains, take trips only a few times a year to mountains. Going to GMC, you have multiple peaks nearby. Okemo, Killington, Pico, Stratton, Sugarbush are only a few. There are ALWAYS people on campus willing to head to the mountain for a few hours and then come back and continue their day as if skiing is just part of their daily schedule.

Skiing today was a nice break from my daily routine and the fact that GMC is so close to many mountains is just another reason of why it’s such a good school 🙂


2 thoughts on “Skiing in the morning, class at 1- Kat Kehrt

  1. Nice article. I haven't been skiing for a few years now but im really looking forward to hitting the slopes again next week. Skiing with music sounds really fun. How many other people do you see skiing with music? Do people look at you funny if they see you skiing with you headphones plugged in? I bet it makes it feel a lot more dramatic when you're out there on the slopes. I worte a blog while I was out skiing in Deutschland. Check it out:


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