Classy Dance Party by Taylor Conley

I just arrived back on campus a day and a half ago. I felt incredibly happy to be back. Upon entering the North Hall I was tackled with hugs and enveloped in the love of the friends I have missed dearly. The following night there was a fancy dance party held in the East room by the Dance Club. 

The dance started at 9pm complete with glow sticks, black lights, and strobe lights. Dance moves of all kinds were seen creating a welcoming, celebtratory atmosphere. Needless to say, everyone looked dashing for the occassion. The music was great and intermingling with people reminded me of the great community we have at Green Mountain College.

I stayed for an hour, but the party was still going strong by the time I left. I laughed to myself heading back remembering my fears as a prospective that there would be nothing to do in such a small town. I had barely been back at day, and had found that even without taking having classes there was still a plethora of things to do and events to attend.


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