¿quieres bailar?—–by Haley Tripoli

In many of my college essays I wrote about dance and the way it moves me, transcending whatever mood I am in at the moment, invigorating me. I almost become high, or drunk with fulfillment and satisfaction. Who needs a vice like drugs or other mind-altering substances when you can become high with movement? The JUSTICE dance does for my mind, my body, and my soul is addictive.  I wasn’t a taught dancer, just a girl born with a love for rhythm, beat, and fiery exertion. So, one could imagine how excited I was to hear about the Latin band coming to play Friday, February 10 in the Gorge.  I walked into the dining hall Friday night to a preview of what was to come later…fabulous Latin music, the kind that moves your hips no matter where you are or who’s watching (Like my mother, sister, and I and our dance moves in the middle of the supermarket). My stressed spirits were already being lifted and the music produced a utopian urge to shimmy. I scanned my meal card and proceeded to enter the dinning hall with a huge smile on my face. Reaching the table full of my friends, I began to persuade them in joining me later on for the music and entertainment. The ‘good’ friends =p agreed to join me and SO we showed up at nine ready for a cultural experience. My time in the Dominican Republic at 17 left me knowledgeable and very fond of the Merengue. Heidi Vasquez, the director of the Wellness Center and wife to one of the band members, was up front coaching students on basic steps. But, my feet were lead by memory and my heart by all the great remnants of memories spent under the Dominican sky. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the night and the band was fabulously engaging with the audience, stopping every once in a while to converse. Events like these are important on college campuses because students, stressed, worked, and exhausted…need to remember the importance of expression. We are lucky at GMC to be able to academically express ourselves in an open way…while at the same time being able to creatively express our ideas and conceptual realities. I hope to attend, or help orchastrate, more events like these. I was also pleasantly surprised when informed that there was a new hip-hop class taking place weekly? So, the dance awaits you…


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